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Shad Kingston, a native of Brownwood, Texas, grew up witnessing the real-life meaning of dedication and hard work as he watched his devoted parents worked tirelessly to give him and his sister what they needed in life. To this day, he lives by that same standard and work ethic and strives to pass it down to his kids as well. He is a dedicated father and loving husband to his beautiful bride, Heather. 

Shad’s entrepreneurial flair emerged at an early age. At eight-years-old, he fell in love with photography, and by nine years of age, he chased and photographed storms, including an F4 tornado. At 14, he began tinkering with woodworking tools, and at 15, he built tables and beds. It was crafting a canoe out of Brazilian olivewood, however, that taught him a valuable life lesson. He brought his camera on the maiden voyage to show off his work. Unfortunately, it sank within minutes, along with his camera. Turns out Brazilian olivewood is very dense and expensive. He is still paying his parents back to this day. 

After college, Shad broadened his experience by owning a variety of businesses, becoming more proficient at photography, and accruing advertising and marketing skills. In 2006, he ran and owned a custom furniture shop making pieces for clients such as Ree Drummond and Pat Green. By 2014, he became an established photographer, teaming up with his soon to be wife Heather, also a respected photographer. They worked alongside each other shooting weddings, portraits, and commercial events, even building custom sets on their land for family portraits. In late 2014, they branched out into real estate photography and marketing. Close to a year later, Heather achieved her Texas Real Estate license and began her new career. Always working closely with one another, it only seemed natural for Shad to obtain his license as well. Together, they are “Team Kingston.” Bringing years of experience in photography, videography, and marketing, they strive to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. 

Shad enjoys playing tennis and is active in the Parker County Tennis Association. In his spare time, you can find Shad and Heather outdoors working in their beautiful garden or playing kickball with their combined six kids who range in age from kindergarten to a junior in college. For relaxation, Shad never passes up a chance to go fishing.

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