Born into and raised into a ranching family in Cisco, Texas, Stephen Reich early on developed a strong work ethic that was the basis of understanding a long work day sometimes went far beyond 8:00-to-5:00. It was this work ethic, along with his natural business acumen, that drove him toward success.

Drawing on his discipline and ambition, Stephen left Cisco to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree, soon following that with earning his MBA from Tarleton State University. With degree in hand, Stephen set his sights on Fort Worth, eager to see what the world had to offer a young man on the cusp of his career.

Stephen’s extensive real estate knowledge is apparent, whether he’s opening the front door to a lavish custom home, or the back gate to a cow pasture amidst thousands of acres. He has sold numerous cutting horse ranches and equestrian estates, demonstrating his understanding of what attributes an equine professional (or backyard enthusiast) wants and needs in a horse property. At the same time, his extensive portfolio of fine homes and properties he’s bought and/or sold proves he’s developed the polished eye and the business savvy to know how to please the most scrutinizing of clients.

Stephen welcomes a challenge, tackling any venture with the enthusiasm and strategic planning needed to see it through to success. This attribute is perhaps his greatest asset in the real estate business. While most transactions flow easily and close with few complications, there are inevitably those that do not. This is where Stephen truly shines. With extensive experience in working with foreclosures and short sales, whether it’s a commercial property, residential, or farm and ranch, he knows how to negotiate the most difficult of transactions, seeing them through to closing.

At the end of your contract, not only will you have the property, ranch, or home you set out to purchase or sell, you will also have a business partner and a friend you can depend on. Never far from his roots, Stephen continues enjoy living a rural lifestyle.

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